Introduction to Graphic Design

Short intensive course of graphic design basics for absolute beginners

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What you will learn

The course includes basic theoretical and practical skills that are essential for any beginner in both print and digital design. While most of the teaching is theoretical we include short practical tasks and software workshops. The four main sections are: typography, colour, layout, and tools. Designed with the guidance of design professionals, the course covers ideas and skills that are relevant in today’s workplace.


Typography is the foundation of any design that includes text. During this introductory course you will learn about the anatomy of type, type families, and the basic principles of selecting and combining typefaces. You will also find out about text formatting, structure and visual hierarchy. Update: We now have a small ADANA Letterpress that you will have a chance to use during typography practical tasks.


Colour has a profound impact on our emotional state and attitude towards things. Understanding the psychology of colour perception and the cultural and functional context of colour in graphic design are crucial for any designer. You are going to learn how to use colour consciously to affect emotions and convey messages while keeping the design readable and functional.


This part of the course deals with the way in which content is arranged. You may be working with a web page, a magazine front cover or a billboard but the principles are the same. Designers use many tools to achieve a feeling of harmony, whether the final result is visual order or intentional chaos. You will learn how to use grids, visual structure, hierarchy and visual flow in your practice.


On this course you will learn how to use pen and paper to first sketch ideas and then use computer programmes to develop them further. You will also learn how to use the Internet for research, and we will help you develop lateral thinking skills to make your work more innovative. We will give you an introduction to the industry standard design software.