In short we’re providing affordable, DIY style, edupunk version of design education. We are offering two core courses to start with, more are on the way

Open Design School was founded by Michael Obrizkiv with the aim of providing an unconventional yet practical approach to design education. Michael is qualified in software engineering and is self-taught in web design, with over ten years of experience in print, advertising and digital design. He hopes to share his knowledge and experience with others through Open Design School courses and open source resources.

Open Design School delivers courses that bridge the gap between web design, graphic design and user experience (UX). Digital technology is constantly evolving and new methods and tools for creating web sites are popping up all the time. Open Design School courses will not only guide you through essential coding skills, but also enable you to realise the creative potential of web design in a broader context.

You will gain practical experience, begin to build your own digital portfolio, and gain tools to further develop your creative thinking and self-teaching skills. After completing the course you will be fully equipped to utilise online tools, coding languages and your design insight to create even more beautiful and effective websites in your own creative style.