Web Design for Graphic Designers

Learn how to design web sites, give your design career a boost

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What you will learn

This course is for graphic designers who want to extend their design knowledge and gain essential technical skills to be able to design effective web sites and understand the technologies behind them. It is focussed on the underlying principles of interactive design through the medium of the web. The course goes through all parts of the modern web designer’s workflow in detail, including content planning, wireframing, designing mockups and coding in HTML & CSS.

User Experience Design

User experience encompasses both graphic and interactive design and extends much further. It is paramount to understand all the processes that lead to successful web design such as user research, usability, prototyping, information architecture and others.


HTML & CSS is where web design and web development meet. Understanding the way it works and its possibilities is a professional necessity even if you’re not going to code on a day to day basis. During the whole course you will be learning about coding techniques and best practices while practically applying knowledge of coding to the one page site of your choice (e.g. portfolio, online CV).

Typography, Layout, Colour

As a graphic designer you’re probably already familiar with a big part of what web design deals with. Applying your knowledge of Layout, Typography and Colour to interactive, dynamic designs opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities and challenges you with new limitations. This part of the course will be focused on reusing and evolving your existing knowledge and experience in graphic design.

Tools & Workflow

While designing and developing the one page site of your choice, you’ll go through all parts of a modern site creation workflow whilst using current industry standard tools like Adobe package, browser debugging tools and code editors. You’ll have a chance to work as part of a creative team and learn more about creative and technical roles in the industry.