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pay 10% of any workshop or a course price with your social media impact

We work hard to make sure our courses and workshops are useful, fun and up to date. The best reward for us is when you recommend us to your friends and we just love, when the ‘word of mouth’ brings new people through our doors. We value your time and feedback so much that we are ready make the price more affordable, we knock 10% off the price, just so you spend some time sharing your experience.

Here is what we ask you to do

1. Share with your friends that you reserved the space

Write a tweet or a facebook post when reserved your place. Tag our social media and include a link to a workshop. Make it creative. Share it with the world! 😉

2. Share what you’re working on

Write few posts in you social media about what you do on the course or workshop. Want to make a video? Even Better! This can be work in progress or a completed work or just you sharing the process. We’ll make sure you have a plenty of challenging practical tasks to do.

Awesome massive thank you!

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